Reading Plus 4.0

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“Students begin Reading Plus with a comprehensive assessment that provides a complete picture of each student’s motivation, reading efficiency, and capacity. Using the data gathered, the program determines the student’s initial placement within the various components and creates an individualized and responsive instructional path with personalized goals for each student. Multiple forms of the assessment, administered throughout the year, provide accurate and dependable benchmarks to measure student progress over time and assist teachers in making data-driven instructional decisions.”

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

The Reading Plus InSight Comprehensive Assessment must be completed by Thursday, August 29th

Instructions for student completion of InSight Comprehensive Assessment

  • Log in to
  • Prepare to spend 60 minutes completing the Reading Plus Insight Comprehensive Assessment. (Students may complete the assessment in one sitting or two 30-minutes sittings.)
  • Students must focus and work in a quiet environment.
  • Students should use headphones to avoid distractions.
  • Students must NOT click too quickly through the assessment. (If so, they WILL BE suspended.)
  • Students must do their best in order for Reading Plus to compile accurate data and assess student strengths and needs so that each student is placed within the correct level and receives “personalized” instruction throughout the year.

InSight Comprehensive Assessment reports will be run at 8:30am Friday, August 30, 2013. Student grades will be assessed based on the reports.



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